Book Review – “Think with me” by Subrata Roy

"Think with me : Fundamentals for making our country ideal" is second book in the "thoughts from Tihar' trilogy by corporate honcho Mr. Subrato Roy Sahara. The author himself is an industrialist who is part of the capitalist world but... Continue Reading →

Blindly in Love – A story

Love a magical word that makes  the blood gush faster in veins and  brings that blushes on the face. It is the reason, the hope and the bond that makes life beautiful. This is the story of a lady who was... Continue Reading →

Life on the Cusp

via Daily Prompt: Cusp The air is heavy with tears of parents who are waiting for their son to revive. He is a small soul sleeping on the bed in the ICU with wires plugged in and an artificial life... Continue Reading →

Minimalist Approach

via Daily Prompt: Minimal Today the world has become greedy, we are producing generations who are getting everything served on their platter. The problem with this kind of upbringing is; they are never going to understand the efforts put behind... Continue Reading →

International Women’s Day 2017 the campaign theme #BeBoldForChange

Why are we talking of boldness for a change? Is it really essential? Why is change needed at the first place? Is society not empathetic towards women? Working in premium organizations, having the best of job in hand, having the best... Continue Reading →

Learning from my toddler!

My heartbeat, my world, my lil wonder, my teeny tiny precious gift straight from hands of god #AaishiGajaria. She's going to turn  two in a couple of months. In the past few months my journey with her has been very... Continue Reading →

Raising a child- working mother’s plight

The world is moving forward from its patriarchal mind set. More and more women are taking up challenging positions and setting as an example. I was glad to be part of this race before arrival of my daughter. Yeah, I am... Continue Reading →

Toddlers too understand- speak to them

Have you heard of this “shubasya sheegram” or “ache kaam main deri kyun”? I am a staunch believer of this phrase. Must be wondering how it is related to the innocent soul who has not even started speaking.  It is... Continue Reading →

Adoption Outweighs Any Other Option Of Assisted Parenthood!!

Infertility is a booming problem, captivating more and more individuals each passing day. Every third house one can find people struggling to bear a child. Since the first test tube baby born in 1978, as they called it then, millions... Continue Reading →

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