Demonetization the hot topic for past two months, everyone around has an opinion whether asked or not asked. We all have faced some issues, some pain in this demonetization drive. You all must be thinking I’m taking you to the world outside parenting. No I am not. I am very well apprised by the fact that this platform is “for, by and of” the parents. A little inspired by democracy I chose to write this way.

Anyways now having said enough off the subject let’s come to reality of the matter. The government has been urging us two go cashless immediately after this demonetisation. Many are taking it as diversion from the main matter of black money and corruption, terror funding and blah blah. But let’s take it up in a different light altogether.

We all have, since our childhood seen that Indian middle class and upper class households don’t function without helpers at all. From our “kaam wali bai” for mem saab, “driver for saab”,” cook for the family”, to “nanny for the baba/baby”, we have them all in different roles. Some are there like part of the family passed on from generations to generations. Now how’s it going to affect the economy?

It does, really does. All these people who are employed in households don’t file returns, don’t have bank accounts either. After such a great initiative of “JAN DHAN Account” still millions of them are without the accounts. All the salary they earn goes in cash. Many of them might be earning more than a salary offered to a fresh graduate who pays tax from the salary. And such people are considered “BPL” (below poverty line) by the government. When our tax liability comes we have to pay for them all who actually are earning really sufficient. I give you example of my kaam wali. She gets two thousand a minimum from one household. And she works in ten such households!!! Is it justifiable to account such people below poverty? They don’t have to pay taxes but just show they are not below poverty line. This alone will reduce the tax burden of us, may be. That’s like I am quite optimistic.

So the first step is to urge each of your helper to open an account and go cashless with them!!!!!

The second thing we tend to ignore is the household things we buy are many a times without the bill. At the grocery store, fuel stations, medical store we should always make a habit to get the transactions billed. Let’s make it a habit no transaction without a bill.

Why we, “the service class” should only come under the tax scanner? Why we keep the loose strings where people get the benefit to evade tax and make the salaried class more burdened?

If we go cashless, every single transaction is going to be through an online channel which will be under the scanner of the government.

Every single effort put by us today will make a better India, a better future for our tiny ones who will breathe less burdened, less polluted air of a wise India, contributed by everyone of us!!!!!!!!!!

You gorgeous ladies I urge you all to just put a little thought and if you find weight in it please do your share, I have done mine.

P.S: article originally posted on mycity4kids