Sharing is an integral part of co-existence in a society. But it doesn’t come naturally to the human race. The very basic nature of humans is to be possessive about their things, their kith and kin, everything they feel attached to.

We all are taught the necessity of sharing, as we grow. So it’s quite natural when you ask your kid to share their toys with others they will cling to it even tighter than before. Never judge your child as being selfish or spoilt if she denies to share. This reluctance to share is normal part of development.

Different countries around the world take “sharing” in different light. Countries like India, USA take it quite seriously as a learning in toddlers. Whereas German parenting is surprisingly opposite. They consider a child emotionally weak if he shares all his things without being possessive about it. I came across this interesting fact while reading blogs by German mothers where they say if child gives everything he holds then in the long run as an adult he will not be able to stand for him.

So if we take the perceptions of different people its natural, it’s healthy and it’s necessary for the kid to show some reluctance in giving up on his things.

We belong to a nation where sharing is the way of life. So as parents we always want our kids to imbibe this habit in the early childhood. When we see our kids getting into fight with other kids over the same toy, or a ride in the park, we tend to lose our temper and many a times go overboard. Here, instead of forcing our kids to share their things by shouting at them, slapping them or punishing them, we all must try to teach them the importance of sharing.

Go by the basic rule, be example yourself. Share your ice crème, chocolate, candy floss with your child. Talk to your infants, remind them how delighted they were, when you shared your favorite chocolate with them. Grab every opportunity to teach them the importance of sharing. Always remember to appreciate your child when he shares, be it with a hug, a clap or a kiss.

 If you are parent of more than one kid then it becomes easy by showing them the brighter side of sharing. Buy them say a badminton kit, divide it among them, where one gets only racquets and the other gets the shuttle cock. They will understand the virtues of sharing the simple way!!!

Remember, how as an adult we hate when we are constantly nagged by anyone to do something. We tend to repel the very idea of doing it. Same applies with the child, when you constantly nag your child to share, you only draw him away from it. The art of sharing should not be forced on your child. It should come as a consequence of the efforts put by you by showing your child the good side of sharing.

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