Ever wondered the possibility of connecting to a stranger, and knowing the entire history of that person just by pointing a device at him? Yes, it can happen in reality and the magical power behind it is “Augmented Reality”.

Augmented Reality – a technique that augments to the information from the real world. Imagine you walking in the garden having different species of flowers, and with an AR device, a projection rolls in front of you. And, as you walk along, you get to know the botanical name, the fragrance you expect, and the possible colours it can have. This is a technology that has been around for more than three decades now. Though it’s first use in noted to way back in early 1970’s by US military department but it has grown extensively only in the last couple of years.

How it Works?

The basic idea behind augmented reality is to overlay digital information over the real physical world in real time, to add to the sensory system of users.  AR devices, with the help of computer graphics and a few sensors (camera for imagery, a projector to display information etc.) enhance the real world information. It changes the way we hear, and perceive the real world.

The basic idea is to generate a 3D view of the surroundings, track the changes in the real world and perceive the depth of the real objects in real time. All of this is updated at a very fast speed to sync with the changes in the expressions/ or motion of the user. The entire AR system uses the combination of hardware and software to achieve it. For e.g. to perceive the depth of the object in the real world environment depth sensors are used and to generate a 3D model from a 2D image, software modeling is exploited.

 Where it Works?

The technology has solutions for a wide gamut of audience, from big entrepreneurs, educationists, to small children who aim to seek entertainment.

Let’s take a look at different segments where AR is changing the world. The first segment is the browsing segment. Fetching the information by pointing devices to the real world objects fall under this category. Many applications are built around this. Smart phone app like Star Chart is one of the most interesting app created. When a user points the phone towards the sky, the app tells the details about the stars present. And it does not end here. It helps us take a time leap and see how the stars existed in past or what the sky will look like in the future.

The second segment is Augmented Reality 3D Viewing. Here, the name is self-explanatory. Many entrepreneurs in the interior designing segment are making use of this amazing technology. If you are unable to decide which couch goes well with your walls, make use of SnapShot Showroom App. Along with letting you decide on the interiors of your home, it also lets you later buy your selection.


The third and the most popular segment is the gaming segment. Poke`mon Go a gaming App based on AR has taken the world by storm. People of different age group are going crazy finding the virtual Poke`mon in the real world environments.  Ingress is another popular game that takes the help of GPS and places the user on the real world maps to win battles.

Gone are the days when huge leaps in technology were only possible in Sci-Fi movies. Today is an era where technology is advancing leaps and bounds. From helping you decide a tattoo for you, to taking you to millions of years ahead/behind in time, AR is poised to be the technology for future.