In the technology driven era of today, the world has shrunk. Nowadays with a few button clicks, one can connect to any corner of the globe. Sitting in front of the computer desk one can be virtually present in every nook and corner of the world. This is the era of Social networking.

The social networking sites like Orkut and hi5 which are no longer available today were popular in the early 2000s. It was the time of globalization when young grads were migrating to different locations for better job prospects. These media became popular as they were the faster and cheaper means to connect to the family and friends spread far and wide geographically. Soon people got bored with these networking sites. Due to the technical issues faced by Orkut’s launch in many countries, Facebook a new entrant started gaining popularity. The networking sites that could not withstand the tide of the time were soon discontinued. For the user community, by and large, the purpose remained same to stay connected.

As the technology progressed many advancements were made in the field of social networking. Today we have Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Flickr and many,  which have millions of users registered worldwide.  People are so obsessed with the social media these days that every single activity they do makes an appearance on the web, be it going to a concert, a spa or fighting with the spouse. It’s all there. People who might not withstand each other in person, go really well on the social media. It’s a new pretentious world people are living on the web, which is far from reality.

The youth is sinking in this sea of fake emotions. For them, it’s all about the “likes” and “followers”. For them, the worth of a picture is not from the memories associated with it.  But it is based on the likes earned on it. Everything they post on these sites is to get applauds from the world.

Teens from many developed nations, don’t mind resorting to nudity to be famous on these platforms.  It has become a precarious situation which has to be dealt with sensitivity. The advancements which were once seeming to be the boon, no longer appear so.

Another major threat created by social networking is the identity theft. When people put all their information on the web, it’s available for people of malicious intent to use. When it comes to stealing the identity, the photos and video sharing sites provide huge insights of individuals. Many cases of identity theft are reported almost every day in the USA and Uk.  There is enormous information available to the perpetrators of crime than ever. When updating the status as “vacation time”, it opens the gates for burglary.

“Sharenting” which is the new word coined for the parents who share about their babies on social networking sites has its own hazards. Many kids today before their birth make a debut on the social networking sites.  When these parents post the details about their kids they are already shaping an identity for them. They are not foreseeing how it can impact the relationship with the child when he grows into adult and questions about the consent and privacy.

One should use the social media cautiously. You must out rightly weigh the necessity of posting any information and secure you from the criminals around. It is the need of the hour that we teach our youth the difference between reality and the fake world around them.

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