After the arrival of my daughter, I am awestruck how the time moves at warp speed. With the busy schedules, both at the work place and home, parents are overwhelmed very often. Juggling hard to keep up with the work, the exhaustion levels peaking high by the time one is home, it becomes impossible to enjoy the delicate nuances of the growing children. With the blink of an eye, months turn to years, infants turn into grown up kids.

All the kids, no matter how different they behave, but there’s one thing they all want – to feel valuable. They all need our time to understand that they are the most valued beings in our lives.

With almost all day spent at the office, you might wonder how to spend quality time? Believe me, every moment can be turned into an opportunity to spend quality time with them. It can be done with every ritual you follow with your little one.

When you take your kid for shower, don’t do it as a routine to be finished off but add some giggles and laughs to it, for both of you to cherish. The meal time talks can have a lasting impact on the development of your child. Remember to discuss how the day went for each one of you over the table. It helps strengthening the family bond.

Keep your kids involved in the home improvement tasks. Yes, it makes them feel important. When you are fixing a running tap, or a bicycle chain involve them by holding a tool for you. Don’t dread them away with the tasks being dangerous, take their help instead. When those tiny hands feel being helpful, it adds to their emotional connect. It will also add to their skills as they grow.

Take your little ones for those evening walks where they are just ready to be put to bed after it. Instead of wasting time watching some daily soaps on TV, it’s a good idea to have them onboard walking with you. No matter how small the walk is, you will get to talk a lot with your child. It will help de-stress you and calm your senses, discussing things with your kid.

Many parents plan the quality time with kids by making routines for park visits, movies, swimming etc. Fixing routines in the name of quality time only stresses up the situation. If you go by a rule to take your kid to park every Saturday morning, it’s not quality says experts. As we make a routine, any deviation from it will add to making it more painful. There will be screaming to hurry up, rushing to reach on time and the memories that could have been created bury before seeing light of the day.

So, let’s vouch not to measure quality by the time spent together but the memories created in those moments.

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