Hey quite a euphoria in the country. Three women create history in different arenas of sports in Rio 2016 Olympics. Wrestler “Malik” comes from most conservative part with the worst sex ratio in the state. She is an inspiration to the men and women of her state, she has paved the way to think what women could achieve if they stop female foeticide. There’s too much of hush hush around for natives of Haryana to learn from her, but what about others?

We the people, who still believe education is the only thing to do in life, who are hoping and praying to win medals but stop their children from following their own dreams. We are the same set of people who want their athletes to make the country proud but fail to stand by their children when it comes to sports. Entire country was excitedly waiting to see Sindhu win gold, social media was flooded with #gogold messages. Wish we could cheer for our children too and let them make our country proud.

Shobha de twitter comment has created uproar in the nation but it comes as no surprise to me. It’s totally disgraceful on her part. But we in general have this tendency of criticizing others in what we even fail to aspire. Poor she, her life must have been only about selfies at work I guess. How she could be so desensitized otherwise.

The gymnast Deepa was not shown faith by our selectors. She was denied taking her physio along as they considered it to be a waste of money. It’s only later when she entered finals her coach was rushed to Rio. Do you sense any similarity to Shobhas comments? It’s not by chance. This is what we all would have been shouting if there had been no medals!!!

Let’s not forget winning and losing is part of the game. What matters is how one plays it. The coveted medal win by the ladies should pave the way for sports in our country. Let this time be women’s win but please don’t give it only a gender turn. I understand the hardships these women would have gone through to be at the heights they are today. Beyond these successful achievers are the families and coach who have worked equally hard to realize their dreams. Men in past have put our head high too. Let’s vouch to create more athletes from this sand and don’t just stop at cheering for others. Let’s keep the torch lighted.