It was big fat Indian wedding. With functions spilling over days. We both are natives of land of royals – Rajasthan. Originally we belong to Sindh, now in Pakistan. The migrants from there had seen enough hardships of partition. There was no state to call of their own. Hence, people had relatives spread over States. For us the second home was Mumbai, the Maya Nagri as they call it!! Wedding festivities were hence seeing two lights of the day.

Ours was an arranged marriage where we got to meet each other for a day before taking the plunge. Demanding to meet for a few hours to decide for your life seemed too much those days. But this is how it was..

His charismatic personality, cuteness overload, smart observations drew me to say yes. I belong to an era where “Raj” n “simran” ruled hearts, Where, romance was like daily meal. I grew up dreaming of my “Raj”, hoping to find him on my own. Yes I too wanted a love marriage…

On the day of our engagement, it was made clear that nobody owns me with a ring. My heart has to be won to get me. Lucky we were. Our courtship lasted year n a half. Long enough to fall in love. Yes I was proposed by him after my engagement and I said YES!!

The wedding hustles ended , exhausting us to every drop. Looking forward to our honeymoon was the only sigh of relief. We chose Goa as our destination of love n we were in trance till it ended.. They say good things don’t last last long. So did our honeymoon.

We moved back to our native, where the house was full of relatives. Suddenly , in a night everything changed. I felt like stranger in my own house. I had known everyone for past one year but it was a different feeling altogether. From that carefree girl to a responsible bahu it was too much pressure on my heart. From dressing of my choice to others decision on my clothes , it was all I hadn’t thought of. That five metre cloth clinging to my body that I loved so much was now unbearable. I had not anticipated what more was in store…

From whole day together to lonely in same premises , it was eating me from within. He had time for everyone but me. No actually I had no time for him. It was me busy in household chores leaving him free to roam.

Now the wedding holidays too ended, we moved back to our work place. Newly Wed two of us, even the thought was so romantic. It started off so well, he came back home from office , later than I used to , so I had ample of time dreaming about him. We had too much of fun.

Time passed , from few hours of chit chat it reduced to few minutes. He used to be home to hold his phone talking to someone. It was like in two hours of morning that we spent after waking up , he was on phone then in three hours of evening time again on his mobile. I was wondering what’s happening around?? Is it possible?? No no no …

My mind started slipping back in time , it wasn’t new even on our honeymoon phone calls followed. Whether be Goa, Thailand or Hong Kong it was everywhere. Remember that Vodafone adv. Our network follows u.

Yeah he had other lady in his life. No its not something I wasn’t aware of . I knew it from the first day of meeting him. He had told me how dearly he holds her in his life. She was so close to him that for them talking every minute detail had always been important. It was his own mother. When she visited our place, they chatted hours all night. They share a special bond that rarely people do. When I wasn’t bothered then ,why am I bothered now????? The relation they hold together , is something every mother would be wishing. It envies me no doubt. But it’s great in its own way.

With time it was me who had changed, not he. I had chose to get a husband with another lady in his life.

A mother’s boy is always a good husband , i can bet on that, if you can give him the space he wants. That other lady in your husband’s life can be truly amazing , if you see the good in it. I enjoy all those good habits in him that guys rarely have. He doesn’t expect me to see him as a ” swamy”. His home coming doesn’t turn my life upside down. I am not shuddered responsibility of being a home maker. We both share equally and am so proud I married him with that other “Lady in his LIFE”!!