Our nature has given us tremendous things to learn from. Learning is an ever going process but it can be boring if forced upon with theoretical books. Children learn better when they have first-hand experiences with the things. They can soak as much information as you give them. So why not make it a point to seek the help of surroundings while doing the daily activities. Here, I am going to discuss a few ideas which I have taken from mother’s around me which can make learning exciting for kids.

1) While feeding our toddlers we can give them a perception of shape and colors. Say for example you are giving your kid a chikoo fruit, you can go by describing the fruit- it’s that brown fruit which is round in shape and tastes sweet. Next time when you give the same fruit you can ask the kid to guess the name based on properties.


2) When stepping out of your house, it gives you an opportunity to teach them day, night phenomena, and weather conditions being sunny, cloudy, windy or rainy.


3) When taking your kid for an outing, you can teach them names of various vehicles they spot on their way. Using adjectives with them will give them perception of height of the objects.  It becomes interesting for them to learn how big a truck is compared to a bicycle.


4) If you are having tough time arranging the toys of your kids, want to teach them the importance of arrangements in the house, and want to make them self-dependent, this might be useful to you. Take the favorite toy which your child plays often with and instead of placing at the same place like you do every day, hide it somewhere not traceable. Let your kid struggle to find it. When all the efforts fail teach him how he lost his important time and energy in searching for it, which was huge compared to the time he would have taken to place it back at the right place after playing. This way you will be able to pass on an important lesson without being rude and harsh.

5) To make your kids learn about different sounds of animals, taking them to zoo and showing them animals will make the process simple and exciting for them. Later you can show them pictures of animals and make them relate it to what they have seen in the zoo.


I am sure you all the loving parents must be doing the best to make kids learn and would already been practicing many of the tips I shared. If you have any better ideas please share in the comments section to make it useful for other parents.

Parenthood is the journey where we adults grow each day with our babies!!!!

P.S: Source of the pictures is google.