via Daily Prompt: Replacement

” Mother can replace everyone but no one can replace mother”. True in every sense of words. This piece of writing is for the mothers who do anything and everything to bring the best in their kids. Kudos to all of them.

From the day a woman comes to know about the conception she dreams a million dreams for her baby. She is aware from other’s experiences that delivery isn’t an easy thing.  Scientists from the world over have discovered that when a woman delivers she suffers the pain equivalent to twenty bones fracturing simultaneously. Even imagining the intensity of pain, she must be going through, gives chills. But women continue to deliver, not for the world but for the pleasure they hope to seek from their babies. When a woman carries the baby in her womb, she develops a bond. This mother and baby bond provides all the strength she needs to take her through the process of delivery.

The pain of delivery is not all she goes through. The profile of a mother is highly demanding. Once her little bundle of joy makes it to the world, she goes through a total change over. The initial days of motherhood start with sleepless nights and hectic days. She steps into a new world where she has social cut off and doctors connect. But she continues to love her baby, enjoying every moment of it. It’s in the comforting arms of the mothers, babies grow.

It’s scientifically proven that the touch of the mother is vital for the proper growth of infants.  The oxytocin hormones secreted in the process of hugging builds the trust in infants. The touch of a mother helps in faster building of DNA which speeds up the physical and intellectual development of the babies. When a mother soothes her crying baby, she helps in reducing the breakage of those fragile DNA.

Father’s love is also important but it’s altogether different than what mother’s shower on their newborn. Whether a mother has that angelic infant or incessantly nasty child, she knows how to deal with and turn them into the better beings.

 From singing lullabies for comforting the babies to a perfect sleep, to dancing with them on their favorite tunes, mothers are part of everything.  From teaching the basics of life to imparting high moral values, she ensures her children move on a righteous path.  Whatever a mother does, the baby is always her priority. Mothers are magical. They hear the unspoken words and read the unsaid minds. It’s true there is no replacement of mothers ever possible

PS: Fathers you are awesome too in your own ways. But this one I dedicate to mothers from around the world.