Collins English Dictionary defines “Sharenting” as – using social media to document the gap-toothed smiles, first word and antics of your cherubic children.In simple words it is sharing details about your infants and toddlers while parenting, on the social networking sites.
Many kids make their debut on social networking sites on their very first day of arrival on the planet “Earth” and some appear even before that as a gray blob on the sonogram images of the mother.

Have you ever wondered, those cute little pictures of babies are they safe when placed in open environments, where there are preying eyes everywhere? One might argue that people on their networking sites are their friends and they are sharing only with the closed group of people. But are you really aware of the intents of every individual you have befriended? Can you be really sure that though you have no malicious intention while putting the pictures publicly , people who are downloading it and forwarding it don’t have?

Another argument that we might have is we as a parent have the right to share our happiness with people around. The privacy of kids come into picture only when they turn into adults. But there are group of people lawyers, social activists, child activists who see it in different light. They argue that when people place the pictures of kids they are shaping an identity of the kid. When these kids will grow into adults they might have questions about the consent and privacy and it might end up affecting the parent-child relationship. Unaware of the longevity of the presence of these pictures on the web and unable to foresee where and how it will be used, people are lured by the likes and comments and followers they add to their profile.

There’s another set of people who put every small detail like the date of birth, place of birth etc on the web along with the pictures of their bay. This again poses a big question of identity theft which might be waiting at some corner. The small details about the day to day happenings like your child going for a picnic, going off to some other place with some couple of friends poses another big threat.

Sharenting should be done keeping in mind all the perils associated with it.