Sexual assault in the form of rape has left no corner of the world untouched. In India, December 2012, a gang rape case in a moving bus brought thousands on road protesting the crime. She was named Nirbhaya by the Indian media, while she fought her last breath in the hospital. With so many Nirbhaya‘s in news every day my heart sinks. They are not the only one, there are still many who don’t come to the light. There is still a wider section of society who blame it on the girls. There are people who criticize women for their dressing and blame them for provoking men.

There was coverage about this one small girl, only six years of age that shook me to the core. Though she didn’t make a buzz in the country but her story is harrowing. She was just a small child with no provoking dress as these filthy minds quote. Her rape was heights of brutality where her organs were mutilated with an iron rod.

There were no candle march, no protest, no visitors not even in the city where she was violated.

There are many such incidents happening every hour of the day, worldwide.

In the country like Saudi Arabia where women are treated as slaves of men, the story is altogether different. A gang rape victim here was punished for being with unrelated men.

It’s not easy to be the mother of a daughter. These incidents had always been heart-wrenching but being a mother scares you to death. The agonizing pain these innocent girls go through is beyond imagination. No mind can comprehend what their soul has been through.

My dear daughter, I want you to know the world is not a bed of roses. It’s not a fairy tale where an angel will guard you all the time. You have to be cautious in whatever you do. You have to be wise to judge the moves of others. Your observations should be sharp to foresee the ill. I don’t intend to scare you but warn you.

Don’t take me wrong if I stop you from indulging in some activities. Don’t misinterpret me if I don’t let you befriend everybody. Don’t get annoyed if I don’t let you go out with neighbors late in the night. Do always remember that whatever I do will be to protect you from the evil….

 Yes, I believe in equality of sexes but the world doesn’t. Yes, I believe you should be free to choose your own life but the world doesn’t. Yes, I believe your clothes don’t provoke rape but filthy minds do. Yes, I want you to be bold but before that I want you to master the art of self-defense. Once you are wise to judge other’s intentions I will always back your decisions. Till then let me decide for you!! Let me be your best friend with whom you can share your deepest secrets!!

via Daily Prompt: Criticize