via Daily Prompt: Cusp

The air is heavy with tears of parents who are waiting for their son to revive. He is a small soul sleeping on the bed in the ICU with wires plugged in and an artificial life support system. His smile is that of an angel. It’s hardly been two years since his parents had the happiness of having him. He is so innocent, his talks are immensely cute. They are magical.

For his parents, the joy of parenthood had just began. And today he is there, lying still on the cusp of death. God will be so unruly nobody had ever thought.

A small hole in the heart has left him paralyzed from the upper body, damaging half of his brain. The damage is irreversible doctors say. Medical science has given up on him.  They have not missed  a single contact they could connect to have an opinion on his fair chance of living. But doctors are harsh and rude. They are seeing his life as a liability. They are warning in every possible way to keep off the support system. Parents are worried and praying for some miracles to happen to keep him alive.

No parent can dare to do what doctors are suggesting. But the practicality of the fact is even if he survives he won’t be living. It will be a machine operated life with pains and sorrows.

I am nobody to him, haven’t seen him but listening his story I developed an emotional connect with him. His condition, his pain has disturbed me greatly. I had my voice choked, my eyes full of tears and my heart pounding fast when I first heard of him.  I don’t want to think about it but my mind is flooded with thoughts that creep on their own.

This emotional connect I make with people is my biggest strength and weakness too. I know, I can only pray for the best to happen but that little lifeless baby is not going away from my mind…….