Love a magical word that makes  the blood gush faster in veins and  brings that blushes on the face. It is the reason, the hope and the bond that makes life beautiful. This is the story of a lady who was madly, blindly in love with a man she trusted the most.

Its a sunny day. She is popping out of her window, lost in her own thoughts. A voice brings her back to the real world. “Mom I am in a hurry. Why aren’t you listening? Where are you? Have you seen my red bag? ”  It is her daughter “Kena” ,  who has turned sixteen last month. Kena has to rush to the airport to catch up with her friend who is coming from Milan. It is her childhood buddy who migrated to Europe with his parents two years ago. Kena can never imagine a day that goes without talking to Saurabh.

Kena’s mom Niaharika is in her mid fifties. She was a genius in her school. A girl popular among boys for her wits and beauty both equally. After her graduation Niharika got a job as an intern with city’s most famous interior designer. It was here,  she met Sagar. He was a tall, and handsome guy looking after company’s accounting department.  He was a very polite, soft spoken charming boy. Niharika had a crush on him the first day she saw her.

Niharika was strong and independent girl. She had never given her a chance to fall in love. This new feeling she had developed for Sagar, was something she had never experienced earlier. She knew she was getting drawn towards Sagar.  She always waited for that one glimpse of him. Looking at him made her heart skip a beat and she wanted that to happen forever and ever.

One day she gathered courage to lay her heart open in front of Sagar. He was unaware of the feeling she had developed for him. Sagar said, ” Niharika, I am not sure what are you telling. I have always considered you as a good friend. I am not looking for a partner right now. If ever I am open for it I will ask you. Believe me.”

Listening to Sagar’s words she was heartbroken. She told him, “Sagar, I am not a commodity that you will choose when you need it. You have to tell me right now, if you feel for me?”

Sagar had never seen Niharika so upset and timid. He couldn’t see her like that and in a pity said yes to her. Poor she, couldn’t understand his superfluous words and thought she got her love of life.

Now Niharika got even more deeply in love with him. She had her own imaginary world where she had her life with Sagar.  She had so much faith in her love that she forgot to see that hollow eyes of Sagar, where sympathy was more prominent then love.

One day Sagar resigned from the office and left to another city. She kept on calling him, waiting eagerly for the night to fall so that she can converse hours together and tell her how badly she misses him. On the other hand, Sagar was never the one to call her. He had moved on in his life. He got a girl he had been waiting for, in his new office. He could not gather courage to tell Niharika that she was never his choice.

After a few months when she saw there was not a single move from Sagar for their relationship, she saw her dreams shattering. Her blind love for him which had covered her eyes had brought so much sorrow for her.

Today, looking out of the window she is worried about her daughter Kena. Is Saurabh going to be like Sagar? Is her daughter blind like her? Even thirty years later, such thoughts keep reverberating in her mind. And she is hopeful that her daughter turns out to be wiser than what she was!

via Daily Prompt: Blindly