“Think with me : Fundamentals for making our country ideal” is second book in the “thoughts from Tihar’ trilogy by corporate honcho Mr. Subrato Roy Sahara. The author himself is an industrialist who is part of the capitalist world but for writing, he has chosen a subject which every common man of India needs to ponder upon.

The book covers the five fundamental arenas where reforms are genuinely needed for the prosperity of our country. He has chosen to talk on media, education system, religion, population growth and politics.
When the author talks about education system , he mentions that the current education system is failing to produce educated individuals but is generating only literate humans. For him the difference  between education and literacy is that education makes individual more compassionate and infuses human values whereas literacy is only generating expertise in subjects that can make individuals earn livelihood. I do agree that today we need educated people more than literate. But I fail to agree that its only the education system that needs a reformation. According to me its the families who raise children are more responsible to shape them, than educationists alone. The author has also talked about how demeaned the profession of a teacher is considered in our country which is ‘THE FACT’. He has suggested the introduction of the great epics and scriptures of our country in the education system so that an individual can benefit from the moral values inscribed in them.
The author has vociferously spoken about the role of mass media in shaping a country’s future. He has correctly pointed out that same weapon which can be used for the growth and social well being can also cause mass destruction. The author has made a humble request to the people who are part of social media to think and reconsider their role and remove the futility it currently holds.
In the section about religion, he has proposed a new religion called “National Religion” to be followed by one and all without their own religion. The philosophy behind proposing a national religion is to unite the country and terminate the problems created in the name of religion. This ideology seems appealing theoretically but lacks pragmatic viewpoint. Author wants every individual to consider humanity as a religion and distinguish it from the religious practices followed. The idea of “Dharma” as good karma appeases the reader.
Under the population section, the author has proposed a lot of schemes to manage the exploding population India has. The author has very well pointed out the reason of higher offspring among downtrodden section of the society. This section of the society must be taught to control the growth rate. I agree with the idea of ideal family where parliamentary bill should be passed to regulate the number of children a family can have. And then extending some special privileges to them. But most of the privileges proposed by author are only going to create more disturbance in the society as he has proposed reservations in may places. The word reservation has already caused a a lot of damage to the growth of our country and many talents are wasted in the name of it.
Over all I find the book engaging where it makes you think about how as an individual you can contribute for a better India. Though at many places author fails to offer pragmatic solutions but overall its a good read to put your brain to work for a better India.
This book was provided to me by Writersmelon for an unbiased review. I thank them for the opportunity.