We all come across this shitty situation when we feel the stars are falling apart, the sky is coming down, and there’s nothing left on the planet earth that excites us to live anymore. There can be numerous reasons that might make you feel, your life sucks. Sometimes just a small frustration over a petty thing can turn into such a big mess of thoughts. It’s important to always remember you are not alone who’s life sucks. There are countless people who are stuck in this storm right away, right at this moment. And it’s true that the at the end of the darkest of the night comes the brightest of the morning.

Here I would like to share a few things that help me come back from the phase when I feel my life sucks:

1. Honest assessment of the reason:

The first step to get you away from this feeling is to know the exact reason that is making you feel vulnerable. Hiding under the cover or running away from it, is not going to help. No matter how much you deny to the world there’s nothing that makes you feel crappy but believe me  honesty to your own inner self is important to overcome this situation. There can be various reasons like the social problems, office politics, health issues, recurrent failures while achieving something etc. You need to be open minded to trace the cause that is pushing you towards the darker side.

2. Meditation

By the time you are busy assessing the reasons a quick relief is meditation. It is a powerful tool that helps you gain control over your breath and calms your nerves. Try this out in the morning, in the initial days you will find yourself struggling hard indulging in it but gradually you will feel divinity.

3. The Action Plan

Once you have analysed the reason that blows off your head, it becomes a bit easier to shine out from this dreary situation. The idea here is to work out the alternatives that can help you to feel valued. A close associate was once under this grim situation where all her attempts to have a baby were failing and her life was totally messed up. She being fond of babies finally took the plunge to go for adoption and now is experiencing surreal bliss.

It is up to you to decide how and what will work for you, but rest assured there’s always a way out. You just need to be open to embrace it.

4. Sharing it out

Instead of living in disbelief it’s good if you can find a companion who can solace you. Having ears who listen to me non-judgmentally is something I  always prefer. It helps me vent out my inner frustration and makes me look back again on the good things life is offering. Go find yours!

5. Indulging in hobby

This is my personal favorite that I exercise most frequently. Indulge yourself in the tasks that give happiness to your soul. I am a big passionate writer who loves to vent out through writing. Find out that “one-thing” which pumps the adrenaline in your blood is important. It helps you gather all your positive energy leaving no scope for negative thoughts to shoot.

6. Feeling Gratitude

It’s the most important point which every positive thinking site promotes. And I too personally feel that instead of crying for what you don’t have, if we focus on small things that we have life becomes simple. Feeling gratitude in our lives is the key to keep our hearts contended. Once I met an accident where a truck hit my scooter from behind and I was bed-ridden. I was driving right, was wearing helmet still I got to be on bed. I was sick at God why he “chose me when I was all on the right path?” But then I realized I only suffered a fracture and was saved from being crushed under the truck that could have been worse. Though it’s tough but we need to look into things differently to prevent these thoughts from blocking our happiness.

I know it might sound too preachy but this is what really helps me out.

via Daily Prompt: Trace