This piece of urban fantasy penned down by Pakistani Author A.K. Asif is  an allegory which is a compulsive read because of it’s freshness and biting satire. The book is the journey of an atheist who doubts the very existence of hell and heaven.

The story revolves around a Muslim man, Ismael, the lead character who escaped from his orthodox father’s shackles in Pakistan at an early age. He moved to America to salvage his soul from the religious fundamentalists who do the harm to society in the name of  seeking “jannat” post death.

To mock the extremists  the author has placed his character some thirty years ahead in time, from now,  where one expects technologically advanced life in most parts of the world. But to the reader’s surprise, Lahore has been depicted as worse than what it is today.  There are people, who in the name of Islam, would do anything to reach Paradise. There’s bloodshed, there’s fear and insanity of jihadist that is portrayed in the best possible manner.

The author has not left a single opportunity to apprise the readers about the existing disparity among the rich and poor Islamic followers. I was surprised to get introduced to the term Mutah practiced by Shia Muslims. Believe me there are many such revelation by the author that are going to take you at your wits end.

The writing is lucid but at many places there are too many Islamic terms used (explained in simple English too), which sways the mind away from the main plot.

The narration is gripping, bizarre, satire and entertaining. This is a book that is definitely going to keep the readers’ hooked.

Thank you Writers Melon for the copy.