Welcome to the world of joy. You are connected to an engineer who’s mind wanders around the why’s and how’s, be it science or society. I hope this curiosity will help me engage you with some good piece of writing!

I love to read fiction which is inspired by love. Non violence and action genre is not my forte. Apart from reading and writing I am curious to travel the whole world. I love to explore. Holidaying at the beaches takes me by awe. Gazing at the vastness of sea and soaking in my thoughts is my fascination.

In my personal life, I keep my family above everything else. I am a daughter of one of the best parents on the earth. I had a very charismatic granny, who is responsible for shaping my life.  My prince charming and our little munchkin constantly inspire me to reflect upon my inner voices and lock them in words. My best fren is the one who gets first hand access to all my writings. She is the one who pushes me to better myself everyday!