Solitude amidst the Lake lucerne

Cruise on Lake Lucerne in chilling winters gives an experience of eternal solitude. The vastness of snow clad mountains, the freezing breeze and thumping sound from water, mesmerizing. via Photo Challenge: Solitude

Joy of being heard

My blogging journey started when I held my baby taking me everyday closer into her world where she honoured me with the title of a mother. People who were blessed with a baby without any struggles might find it difficult... Continue Reading →

I write because 

It gives me happiness when my thoughts resonate with other like minded people. In a busy life when people find time to read what I have shared it inspires me to write more. Web is the best place to voice... Continue Reading →

Life is not a bed of roses-dear daughter

Sexual assault in the form of rape has left no corner of the world untouched. In India, December 2012, a gang rape case in a moving bus brought thousands on road protesting the crime. She was named Nirbhaya by the Indian... Continue Reading →

Shadow on Serene Mt. Titlis

This was in Switzerland Feb 2016. I was capturing the beautiful snow-clad mountains and it happened that my shadow too became part of the picture.     via Photo Challenge: Shadow

Overwhelmed Mother

via Daily Prompt: Overwhelming Motherhood was the only one thing I was cent per cent sure of having in my life. I struggled nine years to get my angel in my hands. I lived the roughest phase of my life... Continue Reading →

Sharenting- it’s risks

Collins English Dictionary defines “Sharenting” as – using social media to document the gap-toothed smiles, first word and antics of your cherubic children.In simple words it is sharing details about your infants and toddlers while parenting, on the social networking... Continue Reading →

Clean Mind

Human mind is capable of processing enormous information. It has tremendous power to fetch and retrieve stored information within micro seconds. As we grow, we meet new people, some we befriend and some don’t matter to us. In between the... Continue Reading →

Resist Abuse at Work Place

We are living in the twenty first century, where woman empowerment is the new mantra. Woman have been fighting for their rights to be treated equally like their male counterparts since the late nineteenth century. The last two centuries have... Continue Reading →

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