Have you heard of this “shubasya sheegram” or “ache kaam main deri kyun”? I am a staunch believer of this phrase. Must be wondering how it is related to the innocent soul who has not even started speaking.  It is related, believe me.

My little bundle when was eight months old I started inculcating good habits in her. Like the food, when I served her I made it a point that I showed her empty bowl to teach the importance of finishing the last bite. (Don’t over feed in the process) The next thing I taught her was not to pee when in the lap or on the bed. I told her to get down whenever she wanted to pee and she got my point, she could understand my gestures and started following my instructions. My neighbors were amazed to see the maturity of my little baby. I am happy I tried to train her.

Babies love routines. When we parents go out each day and come back in the evening it gives them assurance that their world is same. Nothing has changed. It gives them a feeling of being in a protected shell. Any change in the routine makes their mind wonder and unable to explain their feelings they turn into cranky, rebellious beings.

My husband is in a position where he is in charge of many locations spreading far and wide geographically. He travels almost twice a fortnight.  When my baby was too small she could not make me understand that she misses him when he doesn’t come back home at the end of the day. But now when she is year plus, she starts her tantrums, makes a fuss when he doesn’t come. I to lose my temper when she cried at her highest pitch, not knowing what to do without her father. And I knew this way I could never survive.

It is then I realized how important it is to start the old trick. I started the same old gimmicks of talking to her. Though she can’t reply but while playing with her I start sharing my heart.  A day before my husband’s travel date I tell her that her father is going to be out for a day and she can expect him only the next day. I remind her as and when we talk. I also tell her to be just the normal and how we both can have fun till he comes back. Bingo, here we are happy duo loving and cuddling and waiting for our favorite man to come back home.

Always remember to speak to your little one, they are there to hear you out. They might not be able to answer back but their tiny little brain processes your words in a manner that they understand you.

Happy Parenting!!!!!